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Chase just posted this today, thought I'd share:

"My Naturopathic Doctor told me from day one that I needed to get off the prescription narcotic pain killers because this was interfering with my body’s ability to fight back, and stopping the restricted diet and supplements from working. I knew she was right but for the longest time I felt trapped because those pills were the only thing that allowed me to function, get up and do research and keep moving forward. I associated those pills with allowing me to live…after all, they did provide   undeniable relief. Remember, it was 15 months of pure suffering before I first consulted the ND, and I literally may not have made it that far without the adequate pain relief.

 So, what we can quite certainly theorize is this: stopping the pain killers allowed my body to fight, and the anti-fungal meds came along right around the same time to result in the fact that I’m feeling better. But I am only feeling better because my body is allowed to fight, and the same underlying conditions are still there and still pose a threat. So it is as if I am now actually only at the real starting point of healing at the 22-month marker. It is very frustrating and unfortunate that I have to wait at least another few months before taking another DNA stool test to see if the core issues are improved.

The parasite is even still present which is perplexing. We thought that maybe it was only transitory and harmless and would have run its course. So I had an appointment at a Tropical Disease Unit in Toronto yesterday and was conflicted about even bothering to go because of the 100% failure record with mainstream medical Doctors (besides the Integrated one). I called the Integrated Doctor’s office to see if I could get a Professional judgment call on whether or not I should waste my time going to the TDU in Toronto. The answer came back “no, don’t bother going”, so i cancelled. Now, it is a pretty pathetic state of affairs when  it is not even worth consulting a Tropical Disease Unit when I have a parasite showing up twice in 6 months and I indeed did receive 20 mosquito bites on a remote island in Panama. I mean, if they can’t help with that, then who can?

 I see the Integrated MD again in 4 weeks so we can discuss that then. But we can also theorize with some certainty that the anti-parasitic supplements I was taking couldn’t work either because of the painkillers I was on, so let’s hope these buggers start getting killed off now because my body is allowed to fight. 
I thank you all again so much for playing a key role in my goal of recovery.
Chase Gouin."

source: global-flat.com

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