McDuff Jam II in Austin

Last weekend we had an amazing jam in Austin at the OG. We saw Joshd and rode all day. Thanks to Robert Porter for filming!


Alex Jumelin: The Style, The Life

It's been a long time since I've posted here, but this is so good, I have to share it!

If you've seen the video on your phone, you know that it's almost impossible to read the thanks notes at the end, so here they are:

"Thanks to Space Monkeys
for giving me the chance
to shoot this new edit!

Thanks to Jim for this awesome job
and for the patience of shooting with me :)

Thanks to Matthias for being such a good friend.
Thanks to all the French riders for all the support!

Thanks to Flatmatters, Global-Flat, and The Come Up
for being behind Flatland and pushing the coverage
more and more!

Thanks to McDonalds for feeding me half of my life
since I'm born.

Thanks to Ikea for being the best place to buy
stylish furniture.

Thanks to my sponsors Freegun and St. Martin.

Thanks to all the riders that copied my tricks.

Thanks to Kevin, Chase and Mark Eaton
for all the Dorkin' videos.

Thanks to Frank Lucas, Viki Gomez, Terry, Scott,
Fat Tony, Raph Chiquet, Bo Wade, Uchie, Kotaro,
Mike Steingraeber, Alexis Desolneux, Matt Wilhelm,
Mike Sommer, Mark Webb, Matti Rose, Lionel Cardoso,
JF Boulianne, Dom Nekolny, Prasheel, Simon O'Brien, and Kwet."


City Escape | Lachlan Cameron

In Lachlan's year end video, the camera follows him through the subway system and underground spots where he crushes links throughout the city of Toronto. The video features some visually interesting vantage points as well, such as a shot looking down from the top of a parking garage or building and another, of a small mirror that was catching his reflection as he rode. It's nice to get a video submission once in a while; so thanks Lachlan!


Botax: The Bike Dancer | A Handheld Documentary

This is different than what I'm used to seeing.
I hope you can view this in the right perspective and not judge it compared to much different videos.

'Botax' seems like a super chill, just cool guy to me. nice. I watched this video of him talking and riding and ended with a good feeling about him. I hope that things get even better for him in the future.


Seongtaek Kwon | Flat Log Nov. 4th

This is a riding journal entry from STK's 3 hour session, creating muscle memory to further his style. Looks like he's on the right path here!  At around the 1:20 mark you will see something that you may have never seen before. Throughout the video, his trademark ninja footwork is still on point. Looking forward to more from Seongtaek, as always.


My Rant on Making Better Flatland Web Edits

(appropriately revised version)
 i recently wrote a really shitty article about making flatland videos. i got lost in the process of writing it, put it out there too quickly, and didn't say what i meant to say. i've taken out all the bullshit, and just written out some general points that i think are relevant when filming and making a flatland video:

pay attention to what it looks like and edit tight. feel the vibe of the rider.  keep the camera steady. don't overcook the editing, and don't stray too far from the real meat of the video. if you film yourself, move the camera to different spots during the shoot for variety. don't use music that sucks. if you have fun, the video will have fun.
most importantly, watch your video and make something that you are proud of. 
don't hesitate to get help with things if it'll make for a better result.


Joel Schallhorn | Super Saiyan Training Video

Joel goes hard in this fun parody that includes riding starting about midway through. Joel is good times.


It's been a minute since Voodoo Jam, but who cares; this looks really good, and totally worth the wait.
cam | cut by Anthony Crespo for FLOWmedia



Michael van der Kroft | Welcome to Gorilli

Michael van der Kroft | Welcome to Gorilli from jim mckay on Vimeo.
Michael shows his support to his newest sponsor, Gorilli, with some very stylish original links; filmed in the space of 30 minutes during his trip to Texas, USA, which shows his level of professionalism. Please follow the links for more good things.
soundtrack provided with permission by AF THE NAYSAYER. song: Jazz u Novum Sarajevo (2003). www.AFTHENAYSAYER.com