Jesse Puente: Crouching Tiger (clip)

A small clip that I filmed yesterday of Jesse at the Texas Flatland Roundup 7; of which he won 1st place in Pro. Much respect!

Rider: Jesse Puente
filmed: 10.09.2011 at the Texas Flatland Roundup 7, open practice, in San Marcos, TX by jm mckay

this is easily one of my favorite tricks ever; if not THE favorite... all respect to Jesse on this one, showing his style on this trick he's become known for. his foot did kind of slip off the pedal on the rideout, but he never touched the ground. stuff like that happens, but he kept it together perfectly. this is the longest Crouching Tiger I've seen him do. He can probably do it longer; I just have never seen it, so I'm doubly stoked on being able to film this one!

The intro clip is from 'Kung Fu'; what the teacher is telling Caine is a loosely translated passage from the Tao Te Ching. What I think it means as applies to flatland is the importance of letting go of convention, and truly being yourself on the bike. Once your own spirit, ideas, and creativity start to shine through, without the influence of popular trends, the entire world will applaud your efforts. In my opinion, Jesse has reached that point in his riding. This clip is a good example of that.

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  1. That was the most awesome trick ever!! David told me I'd see some new stuff/style from Jesse!

    K Dub