THE BUMS ON BIKES: edit and explanation

I've recently uploaded and promoted a couple of my edits (including the Chase Goin Benefit Jam in Austin) to this 'Bums' Youtube channel, and I thought I'd explain, as there's a story behind it. Basically TBOB are a group of young bmx'ers with big dreams...they want make stickers and shirts, get good, get a team together, get sponsored, get enough people watching their videos that they are able to make money to pay for that stuff through Google Adsense. I've seen it work in the past for other people, so I said "Why not. I'm in."

I figure I can both promote flatland to an entirely different audience as well as help out some people at the same time, by this simple act of uploading some of my stuff to that channel.

Here is my compilation edit from the past couple months. There's nothing in here that will make your jaw drop, it's pretty mild stuff actually, but I enjoyed my time riding; and I hope you enjoy the video. 
If you'd like to make a teen bmxer piss his pants with glee, please visit the bums on bikes channel on youtube and subscribe!

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