Brazilian Flatland: Thiago Baby x Sony Wide Angle lens

The riders in Brazil have been working hard to put their scene there on the map, and I am happy to help!
Here's a new edit from Lisias Tabarelli, featuring some super dialed riding by Thiago Baby. Lisias is testing out a new Sony fisheye lens in this, to good effect. I love Angus and Julia Stone, personally, so hearing this remix of their cover of 'Big Jet Plane' in it was a nice treat also!

Piracicaba S.P. Brasil.

Rider: Thiago *Baby*

imagem/edição: Lisias Tabarelli.
Camera Fotografica: SONY HX1
Lente: SONY Wide Angle 0.43X - 72mm.

Musica: ANGUS & JULIA STONE - BIG JET PLANE the stern*disco edit*


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