Sandeep Sunny Singh: The Last Dance.

If you are interested in riding flatland, or filming it, you should love this, as do I. Everything in, and every moment of this video is perfection. The trick strikes dead center in the heart of riding, that one trick that can make the week, or spell doom. Pushing the envelop, and saying goodbye at once. I'm really proud to show Sunny's 'The Last Dance' here:
by hate5six.com

Sunny says: "In December of 2010 I found myself in desperate need of a change. My progression had plateaued and I needed a frame that would push me over the stagnant period in my riding. I've been riding flatland with my friend, Chad, for many years despite nearly a decade separating our ages. We bonded through flatland and that grew into a lasting friendship beyond BMX. In 2006/2007, Chad and our other friend, Paul, formed Function BMX. They set out to create functionally perfect and aesthetically simple parts. And they did just that, defying the frame trends of the day by producing street-inspired designs consisting of straight tubes but with flatland geometry.

Chad challenged me to try one of his old Function frames that had been collecting dust in his kitchen-turned-bike shop. Despite my apprehension to ride a straight-tubed frame, I took him up on the offer. Over the course of 2011, I saw my riding progress to levels I hadn't experienced in years. I pulled the switch-handed turbined steamroller to framestand tomahawk that I had chased for years; I learned double footed underside time machines; and I made progress to my holy grail and own personal hell: the blender.

I recently decided to try a new frame, once again to see what the shock of such a change would do to my riding. I wanted to pull and retire one last trick on the Function, in honor of both Chad and how far my riding has come since I first started.

I call it the "Kneecracker" or the "Career Ender" for reasons that will become obvious. This trick is too risky to keep doing, and most modern frame designs won't even permit it to begin with. This is my last dance with the Function '07.

So here we go."

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