TwoFourFlat+2: 26" Cruiser Flatland - Joe Cicman / Danny Sirkin

This is really impressive! Joe Cicman and Danny Sirkin demonstrate their incredible flatland prowess, while riding a 26" Volume Sledgehammer whip. Man it's big!

 The 3rd installment of Cruiser Flatland. This time it's 26"

Joe Cicman & Danny Sirkin

Volume Sledgehammer bike check; dump truck on a cruiser; triple whiplash on a cruiser; so much fun on a cruiser...

music by: Jimmy Kibbons' band First Class High
inspiration by: http://dannysirkinsuperfan.blogspot.com

Best wishes to Gotye. We're reissuing this video now that we couldn't secure a license from them. #respectTheArtistsWhoCreateWhatWeLove

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