Blake Hicks vs. elecTRON Bike 2.0

this is the much-awaited sequel to blake hicks' previous video featuring his riding  alongside the tron-inspired lighting of his whip. the round 1 video got a huge response, and an enormous amount of positive feedback. this video takes the idea one step further, and i think the look is still interesting, and very captivating.
blake is definitely bringing some new flavor into flatland bmx, and that's always good!

props also to a pair of fine gentlemen; justin hoey and anthony buglio of FlatWebTv for shooting and editing this video, and to the other performers and folks involved, of course.
nicely done guys!

he writes:

"( Watch in 1080p HD )The Second Blake Hicks vs electron Bike ( round 2 ) video! This Video represents a dream that an amazing amount of great people have helped me to create! Long Live Flatland & the Circus! Massive thanks to the Camera work by Justin Hoey & Anthony Buglio! & editing by Justin Hoey. Flatwebtv.com http://flatwebtv.everydayparadise.com/
Blake Hicks http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000767475591
Wanderlust Circus http://www.facebook.com/wanderlustcircus "

this is the previous (round 1) video, at almost a million views already!

he writes:

"YEAH!! A project ive been working on the past couple months has finally come to film! Welcome to my first attempt with riding with my Tron set up! So excited to show you guys the ideas I have cooking in my head! Major Major thanks to Jeff Barton who made the idea possible with his ability and experience with E L wire, Thanks to Anthony Buglio of FlatwebTV.com for filming! & Thanks for helping me live my dream guys! Keep up the momentum! Also thank you Skrillex for extremely making inspiring music! ( Skrillex - reptile ) which is sexy as Frack!! Skrillex Forever.... Book Me to Ride at your Event!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nRdiAp6GwQ"

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