Coming Summer 2012 - Percy Marshall

Coming of Summer 2012 from peakyp on Vimeo.
I just wanted to take this opportunity to make a
video dedicated to all the security guards in Edmonton,
Alberta, Canada; who constantly kick me out of their
underground parking lots every day during the winter
when I practice my tricks. Despite and much thanks to
their efforts though, I am still here today and I am still
riding and progressing; and this video is the result of
their efforts to thwart my biking. Thank you Terry Adams
for the thousands of dollars you have saved me in ticket
fines for riding - I just give them your name and I don't
have to pay it :) as well as several criminal charges
completely averted due to mistaken identity thanks
to your name. No hard feelings brother; I would do the
same for you.

I don't just draw my inspiration from security though:
In memory of Kai Prefontaine.
And special thanks to Stephen Murray's 'Pass the Bucket'
video. Also thank you everyone who understands me
and let's me be me. I appreciate that. I like this world,
and I am happy to live in it.

May all your dreams be happy ones

Oblivion Bike Co.
Bluesix Bikes
Park Cycle

The Heavy - How You Like Me Now
Underworld - 8 Ball

Joey Esposito

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  1. Hey Percy! You are solid with the tricks. I will be in EDM on the 16th. This is Kai's brother Chase. Lets grab a drink or something. add me to fb.