It's Dängüs time!

I've known this dude for awhile now and had the pleasure of his company too few times,
in retrospect- but let me just say that if you've met him, you'll remember him too.

Tonight I'm thrilled to show you a whole new batch of clips from him. I'm stoked to see these because he is one of the most enjoyable dudes to have a session with that I can think of, and the funniest. He's a man well versed in all forms of bmx raditude and creativity, a hero to some, and has been riding 4-ever. Maybe I should just dive right in and say I have a man crush and be done.
I believe this is a custom made frame he's riding, built by a Clydro, who is some kind of mad genius with bicycles and motors:

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  1. Once Dangus gave me head for $5 bucks. I think I got ripped off.