Jason Plourde: double dragon.

This is so good! Really looking forward to seeing his full edit:

Double decade!! from FermeTaGueulePisRide on Vimeo.

Ok well, it was a Sunday afternoon and i was pretty hype on getting this done for the first time. Big Thanks to J.P. Rheault who took his camera out and started to film. I was praying for the gods of flatland to let me have the trick, and they gave me the power to fulfill my destiny. This will be in my next edit, but with much more style, hopefully. Thanks to Brandon Fenton with the bike parts tips and thanks again for watching!!

in the spirit of doubles, here's a second clip of Jason:

he says: "So here i am doing the transformer twice in the same run. I named it "MEGATRON" since Megatron transforms into a big gun in the animated series as an ultimate weapon to destroy Optimus Prime. Here's my weapon to push the flatland riding level to it's best. This is the raw clip, there will be a new clip soon. Enjoy!!!"

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