Blake Hicks ~EDC ElecTRON 3~ 2012

This is really neat footage. Blake Hicks came up with idea for the Tron bike last year, and his first video went completely viral, at well over a million views now. This show filmed in this video had hundreds of thousands of people in attendance, and featured David Guetta as headliner. The lights and the vibe here are really engaging, and these guys are getting flatland ENORMOUS exposure, so big props! It looks like super legit scene, and fun! I would think riding those bikes in the dark like that would be incredibly difficult, but Blake and Koit look like they've got it dialed. That's good stuff, and i hope this show keeps growing! Well done Blake, and everyone involved!


Blake Hicks & Koit McIntire riding Tron bikes at EDC ( Electric Daisy Carnival ) in Las Vegas Nevada 2012, along side with Wanderlust Circus & many other performers.

he writes:
"Blake Hicks with the help of Jeff Barton created the elecTRON bike setup in may of 2011 to ride at EDC 15. This is the evolution of one year down the timeline & now the act has come to be 2 elecTRON bikes ridden by BMX Flatlanders, Blake Hicks & Koit McIntire.
Combining the Skill of BMX Flatland, the technology of EL wire & the Energy of electronic music, Blake Hicks has created an performance act that is unique & one of a kind. Brought to the stage by Wanderlust Circus & practiced in the art if stage presence, this act if available for hire & is skilled in both stage work & ambient shows with all characters having the ability to travel internationally.
For booking information & rates please contact Blake Hicks via email at ( hicks007@gmail.com )
Camera by Amitabha Worchester at www.aumiew.com"

~source | youtube link.

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  1. This is really neat. I hope they can keep raising the bar.