an explanation

I want to just take a second and explain some things about flatstyle that you may have noticed. The amount of posts both here and on the website have dropped considerably in the past 6 months, and I feel like you guys should know why I've decided to do that.

1] I've been really busy.

2] there are more and more videos coming out all the time. i watch a lot of them (but i do miss really great ones now, because i'm busy, and i apologize). in the past, i used to post them all.

3] i've decided to take a different approach lately, and only post the videos that i think are truly great; in the sense that a lot of work was put into them to make them as good as they can be. you can see streams of videos as they are uploaded to the internet anywhere now. countless sites post tons of videos every single day. it took me a long time to figure out what i wanted flatstyle to be about, and i've got it now. i want it to be a source for the best edits. 

i don't want to post anything that i don't love, and think is completely awesome in every way. when you visit the site, i want it to be well worth your time, with nothing but bangers there. the reason behind that is threefold.

 i want want flatstyle to be distinct among the other sites, as well as the most current (fastest) site for the good stuff.

i respect your time, so i don't want anything on there that is not a serious well executed endeavor, showing something in the best way possible, with a stylish aesthetic. for example, i used to film myself all the time and put out edits, but i hardly ever posted them here, even if i was stoked on them, because they were not the best.

lastly, i hope that by setting this standard, it will push riders to new levels of riding and filming and raise the bar on the flatland web edit. really, i want to see people doing their best! that is a tricky position for me tho, and causes me a lot of stress sometimes. there are some videos that i want to post, of good riding, but i don't. i wait for the super edit. i am not a dick, and i don't dislike edits that i don't post. i really enjoy seeing everything, but i am setting a high standard for the site in order to raise the bar. i think that is good thing for riders, websites, and flatland, and i'm going to stand by my decision and see if it works. i hope you can understand and appreciate this without any hard feelings. thanks for your time!