Voodoo Jam 2012

Voodoo Jam was worth the wait, and worth all the hype. New Orleans is a place of magic, history, and really wild stories...that we can never tell. The contest featured riders from every corner of the globe, gathered in one venue for a single purpose. It was a huge success, and very dope.

I had the pleasure of filming this event, along with my friend, and professional videographer, Anthony Crespo. We are going through a mountain of footage now, and will soon be bringing what we hope will be the best contest edit you have ever seen, raising the bar to a new height. Much has been posted already in the few days afterwords, but we hope that if you stay tuned, it will be well worth the wait. We feel that quality is more important than speed, and we hope you agree. Our edit will break new ground, featuring ideas and techniques that have not been seen in other edits. We will soon have a trailer up, to set the tone.

If you are a company, brand, or website, and are interested in being represented in this project, please contact me ASAP and we can discuss options.

Thank you for your patience, and thanks for your continued support!


photo: ©jm mckay 2012

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