Voodoo Jam Pre Jam by Erik Otto

This is such a great video. It came out while I was wrapped up in work; and so I didn't post it here. It's really worth a re-watch. This is one of the neatest jams I've ever been to, filmed extremely well by Erik.


Voodoo Pre Jam 2012 from Erik Otto on Vimeo.

Another amazing Voodoo Pre Jam has come and gone. I decided that I was not going to cut out anything I didn't like. So here is 13 min of riding that makes up most of the best riding of the day. Everyone is in this but the riders include Jean-Francois Boulianne, Waldemar Fatkin, Terry Adams, Alex Jumelin, Naoto Tamaru, Matt Wilhelm, Bo Wade, Scott O'Brien, Bobby Carter, Alex Poirier and Diego Tejada

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