After a month with next to no riding to speak of, due to work/weather conflicts, I'm finally getting back into my routine, and I'm very dusty.  Today I held a time machine for 2 rotations, twice my previous best in the last session. I filmed my longest link today ever, at 30 seconds - it was repetitious and sketchy, but it was a milestone for me, just staying "in it" that long. I started thinking too much and had to land it before I messed up :)
 the switch hand steam turbine to hiker, back to sh steam is something I finally pulled for my "victory" video awhile back. I had not pulled it since then, after a million tries, so I was very surprised and happy about getting that today. I think I can take it further now.
I am working on some newer harder things on the side, but I wasn't able to land them today so I just left them out.

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