70% Precipitation, 100% Intoxication, Austin TX Roadtrip

Nick Brady, Luke Swab and I recently took a roadtrip from Michigan down to visit Scotty G and Ryan Doll down in Austin, TX.

It rained the majority of the time, which blows because there is no indoor bmx joint. We were only able to ride a small fraction of what Austin has to offer. So that just means we would start drinking earlier, way earlier, hence the title of the video.

Regardless Austin is always a blast, here are some of the clips we managed to snag during those few time periods of dry weather and sobriety. Enjoy.


  1. em meu blog os videos do "VIMEO" estão ficando uma tela em branco...sera problemas?

  2. ^yes, on your blog the VIMEO videos are not working properly right now. sorry!