Freestyle Connection Team in Austin

This has been a great weekend so far. Jon "The Duke" Dowker and Dane Beardsley, as well as the rest of the Freestyle Connection Team, were/are in town for a few days stay, and stopped by the OG to ride with us.
It was a really nice surprise; I was out there with Randall, and we were just beginning to ride when this huge van pulled in carrying a trailer full of ramps, a handful of dudes, a cute little dog, and Jon's lady. I knew straight away that things were about to get awesome.
The crew were all super nice people; and everyone was a blast to ride with. Really good folks there.

I usually film this type of thing, but this time I decided not to. I did snap just a few photos before I left to help remember it by:

some of the guys

The Duke, mid-switch

David Weathersby making it look easy

David again, just massaging all the strange balance points until they look completely natural. style!

The Dane. Buddha Palm.

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