Fise 2012 Semifinal Flatland Pro

I'm really looking forward to seeing even more from this great contest. Really cool to see some guys I know in this one, riding really well- Jorge, Raul, Viki, and Alex Jumelin. Some things that jumped out at me right away were:

1) Look at that crowd! It's HUGE!
2) Viki absolutely killed it, almost looked like he was playing, and he still won.
3) Raul shreds!
4) Is it weird that most of the announcing was done in English? I don't know who the MC is, but it kind of sounds suspiciously like Chris Balles :)
5) The riding stage looked like a very involved, ambitious project. I wonder how it rode...?

If you can comment on any of these points, or other points in this video, please post them below.

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