Kani Plus 5 teaser

Using Google Translate is sketchy business, but what i got from the translation under the video, is that Kani Plus 5 is in the works.
New riders and previously featured riders are being looked for to arrange filming. I think that's what the meat of it was.

Kani Plus videos, if you're reading this and saying "what the hell is kani plus?!", are really well done dvds of japanese riders, showing lifestyle as well as very underground skill, shot as it happens on street level.

Shintaro even has had some fantastic parts in these videos, and laid down some of his best links ever filmed for them. his part in a previous Kani Plus video is something that will stay with me forever. clear colored wire was the song, by the engineers. ahhh, the magic :)

I hope I can see this one. I love what Jin is doing; both in his riding, and in his filming. Kani Plus videos are among the best.

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