today was a good day.

I could not be more stoked - I received my Freegun Underwear sponsorship package in the mail! I need to do some sit ups right away to show these off haha. These shorts are sexy!

My first package for my new camera setup arrived today 10 minutes later. This is just the first part of the rig I'm building. Dolly and rail system should be arriving shortly. After that, follow focus, matte box, and field monitor. It's gonna be really sick for tripod shots, and a study in thrift. I've been hunting out good values a lot lately :)

Because right now I'm putting my energy into bmx, and my money into camera, I end my session this way today. hahaha. I will miss you, tire! I feel so foolish :)

I have to give thanks to my lady for figuring out how to hook up the dual monitors. Multitasking time!

I am working every day for about a week till I fly out to Colorado for some bmx fun and filming. Huge thanks to both my employers and my sponsors for making this trip a reality. I'm really thankful and honored!

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