Freegun Underwear Fall Catalogue 2012

If you do not own a pair of Freegun Underwear, you are missing out! These are the most stylish, and comfortable shorts I've ever worn, and if that wasn't enough reason to grab a couple pair; Freegun is also a massive supporter of Flatland and BMX in general! Good things!

Freegun has all new designs fresh for the Fall and back to school season. Check out our latest collection here and get yours today!

Retail Price: $9.95 – $19.95
Available now at http://www.freegun-underwear.com.

Freegun is the number one underwear brand in Europe, selling 10 million mens’, women’s, and kids’ underwear each year. People all over the world are embracing the Freegun spirit by showing off their colors and styles with whatever they’re doing. From Top Kart drivers to MotoGP riders to skateboarders, FMX, BMX, surfing and beyond, Freegun provides the coolest underwear to stay comfy no matter what. With styles for men, women, and kids there is something for everyone on www.freegun-underwear.com.

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