My Colorado trip feat. James McGraw

I recently traveled from Texas to Colorado, where I met up with James McGraw and had the time of my life! I don't think I have ever been to as many events in such a small time period as I did in my 5 days there.

Everywhere we went, I felt like a rock star being with him. We did a Keith King show on a closed street in downtown Denver during the USA Pro Challenge cycling race, rode at a private ramp park, did all day shows at the huge Colorado Springs Flea Market, sessioned a local park- including James riding on a dirt baseball diamond! We visited his practice spot, rode a couple random places, spent an evening at the absolutely breathtaking Memorial Skatepark, filmed a solo-wheel part on a mountain road, sessioned with Yella and the Yellow Designs Stunt Team (awesome!), went to a Jane's Addiction / Big Black Delta concert, and if that wasn't enough, spent an entire day riding, filming, and having a blast at the Prequel Contest (at which he got first place)! In fact I had so much fun I'm sure I'm forgetting some things!

The general vibe of the Colorado riders was incredible. I felt at home right away, and it really felt like I was among friends. Everyone was having a blast. I was very impressed with the riding scene there! It was a memorable trip for sure, and I'm really stoked to show you this new video of James at Home. He pulled some bangers, and seems to always be having a great time. It's inspiring. I hope to go back there one day!
Stay tuned for an upcoming Colorado Scene edit that shows a bit more from this amazing place.