My Rant on Making Better Flatland Web Edits

(appropriately revised version)
 i recently wrote a really shitty article about making flatland videos. i got lost in the process of writing it, put it out there too quickly, and didn't say what i meant to say. i've taken out all the bullshit, and just written out some general points that i think are relevant when filming and making a flatland video:

pay attention to what it looks like and edit tight. feel the vibe of the rider.  keep the camera steady. don't overcook the editing, and don't stray too far from the real meat of the video. if you film yourself, move the camera to different spots during the shoot for variety. don't use music that sucks. if you have fun, the video will have fun.
most importantly, watch your video and make something that you are proud of. 
don't hesitate to get help with things if it'll make for a better result.

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