Alex Jumelin: The Style, The Life

It's been a long time since I've posted here, but this is so good, I have to share it!

If you've seen the video on your phone, you know that it's almost impossible to read the thanks notes at the end, so here they are:

"Thanks to Space Monkeys
for giving me the chance
to shoot this new edit!

Thanks to Jim for this awesome job
and for the patience of shooting with me :)

Thanks to Matthias for being such a good friend.
Thanks to all the French riders for all the support!

Thanks to Flatmatters, Global-Flat, and The Come Up
for being behind Flatland and pushing the coverage
more and more!

Thanks to McDonalds for feeding me half of my life
since I'm born.

Thanks to Ikea for being the best place to buy
stylish furniture.

Thanks to my sponsors Freegun and St. Martin.

Thanks to all the riders that copied my tricks.

Thanks to Kevin, Chase and Mark Eaton
for all the Dorkin' videos.

Thanks to Frank Lucas, Viki Gomez, Terry, Scott,
Fat Tony, Raph Chiquet, Bo Wade, Uchie, Kotaro,
Mike Steingraeber, Alexis Desolneux, Matt Wilhelm,
Mike Sommer, Mark Webb, Matti Rose, Lionel Cardoso,
JF Boulianne, Dom Nekolny, Prasheel, Simon O'Brien, and Kwet."

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