i've been branching out lately. no worries tho, i am currently editing a LOT of BMX footage for a new edit, with more filming dates already set. in the meantime, here are samples from my new love- portrait photography. i think with more practice i will get better results, but i'm pleased so far with my first two attempts!
posts on here are slowing down due to the fact that i'm publishing most of the banger content on www.global-flat.com now, so please stop by there once in a while to see what's new. i've also enlisted the help of a couple riders to help keep the flatstyle facebook page updated with new content. thanks guys!

my first publicity photo shoot- for a production of 'doctor faustus'. natural lighting, old manual lenses. i think some of them turned out fairly well. this was really interesting to me, and very satisfying. stoked to do it:

my first portraiture photo shoot, which was a real arm twister :) hitting many things i love; beauty, the female form, and great tattoos. really honored to be able to do stuff like this.

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